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Commercial Furniture Services

Government Furniture Restoration

The U.S. General Services Administration owns or leases more than 800 buildings in Texas, many of which are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our metroplex is also home to The Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse, Dallas County Courthouse, Tarrant County Court, and Dallas Municipal Building. Government buildings like these are important to our…

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Make Your Hotel More Inviting

Make a great first impression on your guests with hotel furniture that’s both comfortable and beautiful. Guests take note of clean, attractive furniture, and they will be more inclined to book another stay if they like your hotel’s décor and stylish amenities. Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration provides a variety of hospitality furniture repair services…

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Preserving Historical Homes & Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture and Historical Décor Restoration Techniques We recommend proper maintenance and care to maintain the integrity of furniture with historical value.  When deciding to restore your historical décor, it is important to make note of the factors that will shape your decision:  understanding its history, its architecture, current condition, the extent of the damage,…

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Refinishing Furniture in the Workspace

At Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration, we believe maintaining the functionality and look of office furniture helps employees feel happy and comfortable while hard at work. For over a decade, we have helped business owners extend the life and look of their business and commercial hospitality furniture, ensuring the wellbeing of employees and clients alike.…

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Is it Time to Invest in Conference Table Refinishing?

If you have conference tables that need refinishing, avoid DIY and consider a professional furniture restoration company. A beautiful conference table makes a difference in your business, whether it’s your first impression to a new client, or for daily meeting usage. Take care of your conference table with refinishing, repairs to any damage, refreshing the…

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Create a Great First Impression for Your Small Business

If you own a small business, you understand the importance of first impressions for your customers. When someone walks in your door, your office furniture and fixtures should reflect the professionalism you provide every day. With just a few key office furniture maintenance tips, you can bring your office from boring to amazing, catching the…

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