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Couch Cushion Replacement

Furniture upholstery services

Are your sofa cushions badly in need of repair? Aaron’s Touch Up provides all the foam cushion replacements you need to make your couch comfortable again. Replace your couch foam with new, custom foam from Aaron’s Touch, measured precisely to fit your upholstery. No matter what size or shape of sofa, you can trust Aaron’s Touch Up to provide you with the foam cushion replacements you need.

With Aaron’s Touch Up sofa foam replacement services, you can continue to use your couch for many years after purchasing it. Revitalize your living room by replacing the foam in your couch cushions today.

Foam Cushion Replacement Services We Offer

Aaron’s Touch Up offers a variety of sofa cushion replacement options, including reupholstering if necessary. We’re dedicated to helping you bring out the best in your couch and your living space. Services include:

  • Couch Cushion Replacement: We’ll replace the old foam in your couch with new high-density foam cushions, reupholstered with the fabric of your choosing. We offer several different densities of foam for the comfort level and fit you want in your living room centerpiece.
  • Foam Replacements: If you love your old cushions and want to keep the fabric, we can replace the foam inside with our foam selections for new bounce and comfort. You’ll love your new cushions, which will make your sofa feel like the day you first bought it.
  • Couch Cushion Upholstery: Maybe your whole sofa needs new life, and Aaron’s Touch Up can provide that. We offer a variety of fabrics through Greenhouse Fabrics that you can choose for your new cushions and sofa. We’ll replace the foam as well to give you a like-new couch you’ll love for years to come.

If your couch is showing some age, call Aaron’s Touch Up for a consultation on what we can do to refresh it for you. Learn more about our services by stopping by our Dallas studio today.

Why Aaron’s Touch Up?

Aaron’s Touch Up has been providing furniture repair and restoration services for over a decade in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. You can find our foam cushion replacements in sofas and upholstered chairs all throughout the region. We pride ourselves on our quality work, so if you’re looking to transform your upholstered furniture, contact Aaron’s Touch Up today. Give us a call or fill out our contact form so we can help you with your couch cushion upholstery project, and we’ll set up an in-home consultation or a visit to our local Dallas studio. Start your journey toward a like-new sofa for a price you’ll be happy with today.