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Leather Upholstery Fabric

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Decorating with Leather Upholstery Fabric

Incorporating real leather into your home décor is a fabulous idea.  Leather upholstery material is truly timeless and can provide a traditional or more contemporary look for couches, chairs, and footstools alike.  The material is rustic yet soft; worn but clean.  It comes in many styles and colors and makes any room stand apart with stylish appeal.  We have many leather options to work with from Greenhouse Fabrics and we partner with local vendors as well. 


Leather is Classic

Hides have been used for centuries, providing humans with warmth and comfort. Ancient Egyptian artifacts and tomb paintings indicate leather was in use around 5000 B.C., and the Ancient Greeks are credited with developing tanning formulas made out of tree barks and leaves soaked in water.  Developing leather hides for material use continues to be a profitable craft, with around 15% of leather production used for upholstery today. 

When you decorate furniture with real leather upholstery fabric, you are continuing an ancient tradition used by people around the world – and in the comfort of your very own home.  We offer many leather options from Greenhouse Fabrics and partner with local leather vendors. 

Leather is unique being incredibly soft yet durable and strong.  You can recline into the depths of your favorite leather armchair, knowing it will last and withstand stains from spilled drinks or marks from rambunctious play. 


Leather is Always Trendy

Leather furniture fabric and material are now used for chairs, sofas, and countless other accent pieces because of its vibrancy and versatility.  Genuine leather and recycled leather options offer a huge variety of colors. Whether you are looking for hot pink material for a fun, chic look or a dark brown hue for a traditional feel, you can trust our team to find leather upholstery fabric that best suits your unique style.  


Leather Provides Texture and Depth 

Leather can be sleek and smooth.  Using fabrics that complement various living room or dining room pieces adds a sense of depth to the space and is appealing to the eye. You are allowed to get a little playful here and combine leather with tufted wood, detailed rugs, and other fun designs.

We offer a selection of recycled leathers from Greenhouse Fabrics that sometimes is the better option.  Being less expensive, it is easy to clean and just as durable as leather upholstery fabrics, since it is made from leather. 


Call us to ask!

Next time you consider refurbishing or decorating your favorite pieces, talk to one of our upholstery specialists.  We are here to help with the whole upholstery process so all you have to do is walk away with a revitalized leather sofa or chair you love.