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Refinishing Furniture in the Workspace

At Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration, we believe maintaining the functionality and look of office furniture helps employees feel happy and comfortable while hard at work.

For over a decade, we have helped business owners extend the life and look of their business and commercial hospitality furniture, ensuring the wellbeing of employees and clients alike.  If your furniture is starting to look a little shabby, we will breathe life into its design to make it look and feel new again.

Judge's bench with refinished wood

The Benefits of Repair and Restoration

There are many reasons why relying on office furniture repair services to transform outdated pieces is a good idea. No need to get caught in the cycle of purchasing new furniture every couple of years when you can trust a team of upholstery experts to repair your furniture instead. While working with us, an esteemed furniture repair company, you will maintain peace of mind for the following reasons.

You Save Money

Business furniture sees a lot of use, no doubt, but this does not mean you must purchase new furniture every couple of years. Save money in the long term by maintaining the high-quality office furniture you already have.

Furniture Looks Like New

There is no magic to it. We really are just good at what we do – and we’re proud of it! Take a look at some of our prior commercial projects. We take great care to provide commercial furniture services as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your revitalized pieces.

No Waste

By utilizing existing furniture, you help to conserve resources and save the environment. Save a landfill from extra waste and enjoy the option of customizing your business furniture to match your current décor.

Professional Image

Both your employees and customers will see furniture that not only looks new, but feels like new, too. Our repairs address all core issues, ensuring furniture is comfortable and stays in shape for years to come.  Even simple measures replacing upholstery can make a huge change to your office.

Before and after images of refinished wooden doors

Corporate and Commercial Furniture Services

We provide a variety of restoration and repair services for customers in the office, commercial, educational, and governmental industries. Whether you’re in need of door repairs or custom color-matching services, you can count on our dedicated team to get your place in tip-top shape. Our list of commercial services accommodates not only your furniture, but other parts of your building that may need touching up, too.

Alongside commercial upholstery and built-in seating services, we can refinish the rest of your office with custom molding, millwork painting, finishing, and touch-up services. We are experts at repairing doors, wooden panels and walls, and lobby and reception areas. Let us know how you want to transform your office, and we will create a plan tailored to your unique restoration needs.

Lastly, we know high-traffic business areas see a lot of use and require regular maintenance, which is why we provide monthly and semi-monthly furniture maintenance services for restaurants, front lobbies, and more.

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We love making businesses look new again with our furniture repair and restoration services. If you have questions about our work, we would love to hear from you to start transforming your office right away. Give us a call, or request a quote to get started on your next furniture repair project.