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Printed Upholstery Fabrics

upholstery fabrics

Blue and white striped printed furniture fabric
We understand a fabric can determine the overall look of a piece of furniture.  It is a material you become intimately acquainted with every time you take a seat. Upholstered furniture lives in your home and invites friends and family to relax in common spaces. Furnishings are an important part of everyday life, which is why we work hard to make sure they stay in great shape.

At Aaron’s Touch Up, we offer an extensive selection of printed upholstery fabrics for clients looking to refurbish and re-fashion old pieces.  With fabrics matching every color of the rainbow in a variety of classic and contemporary designs, our selection provides all the finishing touches you need for your upholstery projects.  We invite you to explore our brilliant collection and learn how our upholstery print fabrics will renew your most cherished furnishings.


Fabrics Galore 

Choosing the right upholstery fabric starts with finding printed linens you love and that will last.  After all, family heirlooms deserve to be dressed in fabrics that are beautiful but also durable and dependable.  We maintain an ever-evolving inventory of fabrics so you can find the perfect prints for your furnishings.

From large and small-print upholstery fabrics to plainly clad pieces, our collection offers both vibrant and tasteful patterns for you to choose from. Our variety of colors is just as expansive, so you never have to compromise on a fabric. Whether you prefer a traditional paisley pattern or a chic black print upholstery fabric, you can trust our team to find just the print you are looking for.


In Quality We Trust

Our upholstery team provides long lasting quality because we source our fabrics from a group of nationally recognized professionals in the industry – Greenhouse Fabrics.  They offer an unmatched selection of beautiful fabrics that are durable and resist wear and tear.  This family-owned business is committed to decorating your home with brilliant designs. 

If you prefer to bring in your own materials, we are more than happy to work with those, too.  After all, we will cater to your unique upholstery needs.


Our Process

Alongside our selection of fabrics, we pride ourselves on providing thorough and polished upholstery services for home and commercial furnishings.  Our process is special:  We uniformly inspect all nooks, crannies, and surfaces, ensuring pieces are restored to their former glory.

We begin by removing existing fabrics and proceed with the re-webbing and re-tying of strings.  After re-padding the frame with new fabric, we recover and refill cushions, so you can experience ultimate comfort.  Our down, cotton, foam, and Dracon fillings allow you to customize cushions for a firm or plush experience.

After repairs and replacements are complete, your new upholstery is ready.  You can enjoy the comfort of your newly transformed pieces.  

Call us or send us some information to learn more about our comprehensive upholstery services and how they can work to revitalize the splendor of your furniture today!