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Furniture Repair Services

furniture repair services

Our favorite heirlooms can't last forever. They will need the careful touch of a skilled hand to eventually bring them back to their former glory or improve upon their already stellar designs. At the core of restoration projects is furniture repair service, wherein the experts at Aaron's Touch-Up & Restoration fix quality, aged furniture frames to revive their strength and function.

What Causes Furniture to Break?

Most furniture is made to last, and most furniture makers understand that life is full of slips, falls, drops, spills, and the occasional major accidents. But even the finest furniture can't put up with the trials of life for too long. Here are some of the most common reasons that the need for a furniture fix arises:

Minor Damage Over Time: Nicks, cuts, scratches, and dents don't just leave cosmetic damage on your furniture; they slowly compromise the integrity of the materials with which your furniture was built. As small injuries dig deeper and deeper into the surface of wood furniture, repair becomes necessary to the structure of the piece.


Age: Aged furniture is often of superior grade construction, but temperature change, humidity, dryness, use, and natural degradation will claim even the most prestigious of antique furniture. Repair can restore the years taken away from the fine construction and revive the structure and joints that hold great pieces together.

Liquids: We take liquids everywhere. We carry beverages throughout our house and use our tables and chairs to relax while we drink them. We haul paint and cleaning supplies across the house without a second thought to spillage. But spill they do, and in great enough quantities, those liquids seep into and weaken your wood furniture. Repair is necessary when the moisture that has seeped into your furniture threatens to disassemble the parts that support it.

How We Repair & Refinish

The Aaron's process for repairing furniture is influenced by the methods practiced by the greatest furniture repair practitioners in the nation. The hands that recreate your favorite pieces take this careful, thorough approach to restoration, and it looks something like this:Furniture Repair Services

  1. Initial Repair: We take the time to understand the support structure of your furniture, then fix the problems one by one that have caused it to deteriorate. We repair and replace supports, reassemble, and fill in weakened areas so your furniture is as strong or stronger than it was before.
  2. Stripping: Our craftsmen hand-strip the frame photo-2with an improved flow-over system in which the stripping agent pumps through a nylon brush. The stripping agent gently removes the old finish without affecting urea-formaldehyde glues common to antique furniture. Repair continues with a water, oxalic acid, and mild bleach mix that evens color and pulls mineral discoloration to the surface where it can be sanded.
  3. Prepping: When prepping furniture for the final fix, we use steam to allow the wood to naturally repair nicks and dents. Drawers and doors are fitted and equipped with stops, the slides and glides that carry them are checked, and leaves are properly fitted. We then detail and sand so the furniture's surface looks just like new.
  4. Finishing: Extra care goes into each finish. Surfaces receive a base stain and sanding sealer that prevents bowing, warping, cupping, and splitting. Depending on the furniture item and desires of our customers, we then apply fillers, dye the wood, brush on pre-catalyzed lacquer topcoats, and hand rub finishes.

You've Never Seen Furniture Repair Service Quite Like Aaron's Touch-Up & Restoration

Antique and wood furniture repair isn't an everyday furniture fix. Put the furniture you love into hands you can trust. Call us or send us some information to learn more about how we can restore the integrity and beauty of your favorite furniture today!