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Custom Furniture Painting

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If you have found the perfect piece of furniture at a garage sale or flea market, but you need professional furniture painting to give it the finishing touch, Aaron’s Touch Up is the place to go. We offer custom furniture painting in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for any pieces you might need—from kitchen tables to china cabinets.

Our professional furniture painters have decades of experience revitalizing old pieces, breathing new life into them. They can take solid wood pieces from a yard sale and make them look like they’re from the Civil War era or antebellum France. Aaron’s Touch Up has extensive experience with many furniture painting services, from refinishing and restoring your wood pieces to painting them in a custom paint that you’ll love for years to come.

Our Furniture Painting Services in Dallas/Fort Worth

Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration can help you with your custom furniture painting project, regardless of the size or scope. Depending on the dimensions of the piece, the amount of paint required, and the hours it will take to work on it, we’ll create a quote for you. We can also discuss additional aspects of the project, including new hardware you may want to add, any modifications you want to make to the wood, or other items that can add to the estimate.

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Aaron’s Touch Up is committed to working with you to making your custom furniture painting dreams come true. We have a variety of different paints to work with, and we can create custom finishes for wood as well. Our conveniently located Dallas studio is always available for you to make an appointment to discuss your latest project, or we can schedule something for a home or business appointment.

Why Choose Aaron’s Touch Up?

Aaron’s Touch Up has over a decade of experience assisting individuals and businesses with professional furniture painting. No matter if you want to paint a side table or a giant armoire, Aaron’s Touch Up has the resources and expertise to bring a unique look to your piece. Call us or fill out our quick form so that we can provide you with more details and an estimate for your project. Aaron’s Touch Up wants to work with you on your custom furniture painting to create one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll love.