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Government Furniture Restoration

The U.S. General Services Administration owns or leases more than 800 buildings in Texas, many of which are in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area. Our metroplex is also home to The Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse, Dallas County Courthouse, Tarrant County Court, and Dallas Municipal Building. Government buildings like these are important to our area’s social and economic well-being. We work with municipalities to keep their offices in great shape to encourage government employees to do their best work.

Furniture Refinishing Services for Government Buildings

Government buildings such as city halls, courthouses, embassies, fire stations, police stations, post offices, and universities are vital to a city’s success. Here are some ways we can maintain and elevate your government building to promote a more productive and collaborative environment.

Architectural Woodwork and Finishing
We can restore exterior millwork, including doors, window casings, and cabinets, to give your office or courtroom a professional appearance.

Custom Finishes, Molding, and Millwork
If your government-owned furniture needs refinishing, our craftsmen can create custom finishes for your desks, tables, chairs, and paneling to match the look of your office. We can also mold, sand, and shape your millwork the way you want it.

Door Repair Touch-Up
We have decades of experience with restoring all types of doors and fixing the wear and tear. We will make your entryway look new and more professional. Employees and visitors will put more trust in your services when a tastefully authoritative entryway makes the first impression.

Furniture Refinishing and Restoration
Our specialized furniture refinishing process protects and enhances your wooden furniture, making sure employees will always have a reliable place to work. Our restoration services can also breathe new life into older pieces so you do not have to replace them.

Lobby and Reception Area Touch-Up
We can make your waiting area feel welcoming by refinishing and touching up damaged features to give your lobby a fresh look.

Rely on Aaron’s Touch Up for Government Furniture Repair

We have assisted numerous government institutions with their unique maintenance and restoration needs for over a decade. If you need to revitalize your government office, stop by our Dallas studio or call us today to receive a quote for your next furniture repair or maintenance contract. Our dedicated craftsmen look forward to transforming the look and feel of your space with our professional restoration and repair services.