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Commercial Furniture Services

Refinished wooden conference table surrounded by black, leather chairs

Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration provides a variety of furniture repair options for office, commercial, educational, and governmental customers. We service clients in a wide variety of industries and business, including hotels, museums, auditoriums, museums, restaurants, churches, business, government buildings, and more. Wherever commercial furniture restoration, repair, or refinishing is needed, Aaron’s Touch Up can provide the necessary services. We can help your business make a fantastic impression and extend the value of your furniture, fixtures, doors, and molding. Refer to the list of services below or take a look at some of our commercial projects here


  • Architectural Woodwork and Finishing: We can refinish or restore any millwork on the outside of your commercial building including doors, window casings, cabinets, and more.
  • Custom color-matching: We frequently work with designers and architects to color match their ideas to your commercial space.
  • Custom Molding and Millwork Painting, Finishing, and PrimingWe can custom finish, mold, sand, and shape your office how you want it, creating a finish perfect for your office. 
  • Furniture Refinishing and Restoration: We will restore and refinish your furniture using our specialized process.
  • Custom finishes for cabinets, furniture, and conference tables: Make any wood in your commercial space look professional with a custom finish from Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration, including post-installation touch-up.
  • Door repairs: We can fix up almost any door and make them look good as new.
  • Wall Wood Panels: Make the panels in your elevators look stylish and modern again.
  • Lobby and Reception Areas: We will help your corporate guests feel welcome when they walk into your lobby by refinishing your furniture and wooden fixtures in your lobby and reception areas with complete refinish or just a touch-up.
  • Professional Maintenance Contracts: If you have a high traffic office, we can maintain a clean and fresh office on a regular basis with a commercial furniture restoration contract.  

Why Choose Aaron’s Touch Up

Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration has been in business for over a decade helping businesses extend the life and look of their furniture with our commercial furniture repair and restoration services. See our previous projects here!

We can come into your office to repair your furniture or you can bring pieces into our Dallas shop. Give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more about the commercial furniture repair and restoration services Aaron’s Touch Up can provide for your business. At Aaron’s Touch Up, we love working with local business and cater to all your commercial furniture needs. 

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