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Make Your Couch Cushions More Comfortable

Brown leather couch cushion before and after

We all need a place to kick off our shoes and relax after a day of work or running errands. The comfort of your couch is proportional to how well you nap. If your cushions are no longer as inviting as they used to be, here are a few ways to fix an uncomfortable couch so you can enjoy the rest you deserve.

Fixing Your Couch
Before you tear your whole couch apart, look it over carefully to see how you can make any small adjustments. There may be a few simple tricks on how to make a couch more comfortable.

Check for Balance
Your sofa will feel wobbly if its legs are not attached properly. Moving furniture around the house can loosen the joints. Make sure the legs are installed correctly so everyone on the couch can sit firmly.

Throw Out Extra Pillows
A pillow or two can make lying down much more relaxing, but piling on too many may have the opposite effect. If you feel like you do not have enough space to stretch, get rid of any unnecessary pillows.

Re-Stuff Your Cushions
No one wants to sit on top of sinking cushions. If yours are in bad shape, re-stuff them yourself or ask a professional at Aaron’s to do the work for you.

Change the Upholstery
If the upholstery is old, stained, or just no longer pleases you, reupholster it with a new fabric. Replacing a couch’s upholstery can be costly, so we recommend leaving the work to a professional so the job will get done right the first time.

Couch Cushion Replacement and Upholstery Services
We provide a variety of services that will make your sofa more comfortable and attractive than before. Our dedicated craftsmen can bring out the best in your couch with:

  • Couch Cushion Replacement: Replace your old foam inserts with new foam at your preferred density level. We will install it for you and reupholster your cushions with a fabric of your choosing. You can select from our fabric selection or provide us with your own.
  • Foam Replacement: We can replace your foam cushions without getting rid of the original fabric. Your cushions will look rejuvenated and feel like new.

Let Aaron’s Make Your Couch Comfortable Again
Our craftsmen have provided furniture repair and restoration services for over a decade in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If your couch needs repair, we’ll work hard to get it back in great shape. Stop by our local Dallas studio or give us a call to arrange an in-home consultation. We look forward to transforming your seating area with our professional upholstery services.