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Upholstery Fabrics

upholstery fabrics

Whether you desire a new look for your existing furniture or need to reupholster due to damage, Aaron’s Touch Up is the premier choice for home interior fabrics in the Dallas, TX area.  We use premium Greenhouse Fabrics.  We stand by the quality of their fabric because they are durable and damage-resistant.

Interior Fabrics at ATU

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There are hundreds of  indoor upholstery fabric  options from Greenhouse.  However, we can also use frabics you provide.  Maybe Grandma’s old curtains would be perfect to accent that dining room set. 

We encourage you to come in for fabric samples to take home and compare.  There is no charge for samples.  We also do not charge fees for fabric cutting or customer’s own fabric (COM). 

Indoor Fabrics and Everyday Life

Aaron’s Touch Up knows your furniture can take a beating from pets, children, even coffee or wine.  Greenhouse Fabrics has an indoor collection designed to handle whatever is thrown at it.  The Performance Fabrics collection is durable, cleanable, and soft, and often soil and stain-repellent.

Just because a product is meant for indoor use does not make it capable of handling all of lifes elements.  Oour upholstery team will work with you to choose the best material for your indoor upholstery or fabric project.

The Reupholstering Process

When you bring furniture to Aaron’s Touch Up for personal or business upholstery, we will determine what your piece needs.  We will inspect the inside, including the webbing, springs, as well as the frame.  We will assess if there are any repairs needed before the upholstery process.   Then, based on your selection, your piece will go through a thorough process.

Our Process:

  • Removal of existing interior upholstery fabric
  • Re-webbing and retying any necessary springs
  • Recovering and refilling cushions with down, down alternative, or foam
  • Repadding the frame with new indoor fabric and cushioning
  • Finishing touches, including buttons, tufting, etc
  • Inspection of the final product by our team and the customer

For filling interior cushions, there are a variety of choices based on your desired level of firmness and price point, including down, down-alternative (like Dacron) cotton, and foam.  We can also add decorative buttons or trim, create skirts for sofas and chairs, or make throw pillows in a variety of sizes.  Learn more about our cushion replacement and repair services here.

Select Home Interior Fabrics from Aaron’s Touch Up

Interior Fabric Samples ATUOur team at Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration are masters in upholstery and interior fabric from Greenhouse.  The quality fabrics are available at excellent prices.  We have been in business for over a decade.  Our work is trusted in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

If you are interested in reupholstery work for your home, call us or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services.  Visit our conveniently located studio or call to schedule a home consultation.