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Preserving Historical Homes & Antique Furniture

Antique Furniture and Historical Décor Restoration Techniques

We recommend proper maintenance and care to maintain the integrity of furniture with historical value.  When deciding to restore your historical décor, it is important to make note of the factors that will shape your decision:  understanding its history, its architecture, current condition, the extent of the damage, and ideas for improvement.  We can assist in your historic home and furniture repair and recommend preventive measures you can take to ensure your antiques are preserved for a lifetime.

Antique Wood Furniture RepairAntique buffet table with intricate wood marquetry

Antique wood furniture can be delicate.  Wood ages, dries, and gets brittle.  Damage to the wood from liquid, scratches, or paint chips can be tricky to restore properly. When preserving antique wood furniture, it is important to keep your temperature consistent and monitor your home’s humidity. Changes in environment can make wood antiques brittle and easy to crack, while extended exposure to heat or humidity can lead to detrimental warping.

Regularly cleaning your antique furniture can prevent damage to the finish. We recommend using a soft cotton cloth as it traps dirt and dust without causing damage.  However, tougher projects such as refinishing an antique table should be left to the professionals.  Leave major repairs and restoration to us at Aaron’s.  We can prevent you from inadvertently destroying the value of your precious antiques.

Preserving Historic Homes when Decorating

Here, we would like to note it is important to understand what historical home preservation truly means — taking precautionary measures to sustain the existing form, identity, integrity, and materials used. Therefore, it is necessary to be extra cautious when decorating historic homes with modern interiors as it’s crucial to preserve the home’s historic significance.

To maintain historical integrity, avoid replacing intact historical features. Protect those distinct materials, features, finishes, and original craftsmanship used. If restoration is necessary, attempt to match the new materials with old designs, colors, and textures.

Your historic home serves as a physical testament of time.  We strive to maintain historic integrity while providing quality and useful repairs.  Any changes to historic homes or antique furniture should preserve the original character as much as possible.

We are highly experienced at Aaron’s Touch Up in refinishing and re-purposing homes and antiques to maintain historical value.  We can even assist in antique front door refinishing to help restore your door to the original condition and preserve distinct features, rather than replacing it.

Check out our photo galleries of past projects or contact us today to find out how our antique furniture restoration services will preserve the value of your antiques and historical décor.