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Water Damaged Furniture Repair

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When you have water damage happen to your home or business, you might worry that your furniture is ruined beyond repair. Water-damaged wood furniture can be salvaged by the experts at Aaron’s Touch Up, who use time-tested techniques when repairing water-damaged wood furniture. The level of water damage determines if your furniture can be saved or not. There are three levels of water that can damage the furniture and fixtures in your home: Category 1 (clean water)- Water in this category is usually from your home or business’s plumbing system, water you could have drunk. This water usually doesn’t pose a threat to your health. Category 2 (gray water)- Grey water has some form of contaminants commingled in it, from chemicals or other biological agents. Something has leaked into the water, making it impure, and possibly dangerous. It won’t necessarily kill you, but you don’t want to drink this water or get it in any orifices. Category 3 (black water)- Black water is dangerous. It can be raw sewage or flood water from a river or pond nearby, which can make you sick. You don’t want to drink or encounter black water, or even breathe air around it. The category of water that damages your home determines a role how we can help clean and restore your furniture and fixtures. In many cases, damage from Category 3 water is usually not efficient to fix and furniture should be replaced. Aaron’s Touch Up will work directly with you and your insurance company to evaluate what to save and what to repair after water damage on wood furniture.

Water Damaged Furniture Restoration Services

Aaron’s Touch Up provides a comprehensive suite of water damage wood furniture repair services to residential and commercial customers. We’re committed to helping you return everything to normal after a catastrophe. We offer:

  • Claim Validation Services (Inspection): We’ll work with your insurance company to inspect the property and determine what can be fixed and what is worth salvaging
  • Structural Furniture and Cabinet Repair: Depending on the extent of water damage and category of water, we can repair your wood furniture and cabinet structure from the inside out
  • Onsite Precision Furniture Repair: We’ll come onsite to your home or business to do accurate and detailed furniture restoration
  • Expert Wood Color Blending: If your wood furniture has lost its stain or changed color due to water damage, we can repair it and create new wood color
  • Cleaning and Restoration of Water-Damaged Furniture and Cabinetry: With our tried-and-true water removal techniques, we’ll restore your furniture from its water-damaged state based on the extent of damage

Why Choose Aaron’s Touch Up?

With over a decade of experience in water damaged furniture restoration, Aaron’s Touch Up has assisted individuals and businesses in disaster recovery. If you’ve had water damage, call us so we can assess your damage and decide what to repair and what to replace. We’ll work with your insurance company to help with the claim and restore things to normalcy. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do to help with water damaged wood furniture. Aaron’s Touch Up can help you with recovering from water damage and restoring your life.