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Antique Furniture Restoration

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Antique Furniture Restoration

About Antique Furniture Refinishing

The definition of “antique” changes over time, but the proper care and repair of antique furniture is crucial to maintaining a piece’s historical value. Furniture must be at least 100 years old to be considered antique. In 1993, NAFTA declared that if antique objects are repaired or restored, they need to retain their original character to remain “antique”. If a piece changes by 50% or more, it is no longer considered to be antique furniture.


Therefore, fixing antique furniture can be controversial and challenging. Refinishing antique furniture can help restore an antique to its former glory, but it can also diminish a piece’s value if done incorrectly. If you have an unusual, original, or masterfully hand-crafted piece of antique furniture, be careful as an improper restoration process can depreciate the value drastically.

What to Consider Before Refinishing Antique Furniture

If you have an antique piece but are unsure if restoring it is the right choice, ask yourself these questions.

  •  Is your piece extraordinary? Is it a masterpiece or an example of craftsmanship that no longer exists today?
  • Who crafted your furniture? Do you know the craftsman that created your piece? Was it a notable or a famous manufacturer? Check for symbols or markings on the back or bottom of your antique. This can help you determine the value of the piece and will help us decide how best to repair your furniture.
  • How damaged is it? ? We want to pursue the least invasive method of fixing historical pieces, so be wary if your piece only needs light repair or a cleaning. A full restoration may not be as important as seeking quality repair services.
  • Do not attempt to drastically change the appearance of your antique piece. Restoration should be the goal. Your piece was beautiful at one time. Restoring it to its original finish is essential to preserving the history and value of the piece.

When trying to decide how best to revitalize your furniture, our experts at Aaron’s Touch & Restoration can provide the expertise and experience you need to make the right choice. We consult you through the entire process and offer top-quality services for refinishing and restoring your antique furniture. Aaron’s Touch Up understands the sentimental and monetary value of your antiques and will work with you to bring your antiques back to life.

Why Choose Aaron’s Touch Up

Aaron’s Touch Up and Restoration has been serving DFW customers’ antique furniture restoration needs for over a decade. We can come to your home to provide a quote, or you can bring your piece into our Dallas studio for an evaluation. Contact us for more information or fill out our free estimate form. We will be able to provide you with more information about how we can best restore your antique furniture to its original condition.