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Create a Great First Impression for Your Small Business

Office Furniture MaintenanceIf you own a small business, you understand the importance of first impressions for your customers. When someone walks in your door, your office furniture and fixtures should reflect the professionalism you provide every day. With just a few key office furniture maintenance tips, you can bring your office from boring to amazing, catching the eye of new and existing customers.

Use this office maintenance checklist to help you make the changes to your small business to draw in new customers and impress them with your setup and layout.

Refinish Your Existing Furniture

The first step toward cleaning up your office space is refinishing your existing wood furniture. Whether you’ve got pieces from the 60’s or even a decade old, regular office furniture maintenance and refinishing can help them look new. You can choose a new stain or paint that matches your office décor and helps to brighten the space, making it welcoming for new clientele.

Bring your office furniture or pictures into a furniture studio to find out what it will cost to refinish. Refinishing can be much less expensive than buying new furniture and can be far better built. With proper maintenance of office furniture, you’ll save a lot of money in the long run.

Reupholstering Guest Chairs and Sofas

Your guest chairs and sofas are what your clients and customers first sit in when they come into your small business. Reupholstering your cushions can make all the difference in the comfort level of your seating. Replacing the cushions will help make a better first impression for your small business.

Reupholstering the fabric on your chairs or couches can give new life to office furniture, transforming outdated pieces into modern masterpieces. Performing the right kind of office furniture maintenance by reupholstering or replacing cushions can save money vs. buying new furniture and can allow you to hold onto high-quality pieces for more time.

Office Furniture Maintenance Contracts

If you want to keep your office furniture and trim looking great for years to come, consider establishing an office furniture maintenance contract with Aaron's Touch Up. They’ll repair broken items outlined in the contract, keeping your small business looking professional all the time. Maintenance contracts let you concentrate on what you need to and leave the repairs to the experts.

Aaron’s Touch Up has over a decade of experience in furniture refinishing, reupholstering, and office maintenance tips and contracts. Give us a call to get more info about how we can help keep your small business looking good so you can focus on the important things.