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Door Repair Services

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Are your interior or exterior doors showing signs of damage or wear and tear? We perform home and commercial door repair to restore functionality to one of the most critical components of your home. We also specialize in antique door repair. With over a decade of experience in door repair, Aaron’s Touch Up has the skills to restore your doors to their original beauty.

If you are in need of door repair services from Aaron’s Touch Up, visit our Dallas studio or schedule an in-home consultation so we can determine what form of wood door repair you may need. Instead of costly door replacement, consider home door repair and preserve the character in your home.

How Can Aaron’s Touch Up Repair My Door? 

With our specialized door refinishing process, we will repair any damage to your door and then refinish and restore its beautiful original condition.

  • Repairing Damage- Where there is non-structural damage to your door, we will repair it.  We will fill holes, remove any dents or imperfections, or replace marquetry work.
  • Sanding and Prep Work on the Door- Once the door is repaired, we will strip and sand out any remaining imperfections.
  • Masking Surfaces- We will remove any hardware or mask those surfaces that need to be preserved.
  • Priming Surfaces- When needed, we will prime your doors for paint.
  • Painting or Staining Your Door- We will carefully paint or stain the door using the colors you have selected, or to bring the existing door back to original.  Once cured, we will seal the doors in the appropriate finish.
  • Final Cleanup- Finally, the hardware and door will be cleaned and readied for the final install.

When you choose Aaron’s Touch Up for door repair, you may save the integrity of the original doors while restoring them to look like new.  This can save you money and hassle.

Why Aaron’s Touch Up?

For over a decade, Aaron’s Touch Up has been providing the Dallas-Fort Worth area with door repair services. We have repaired doors in communities throughout the DFW area and pride ourselves in delivering excellent work. If you are interested in commercial or home door repair, set up a consultation or visit our Dallas studio. You can give us a call or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services. Get your doors repaired and looking like new today!