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Is it Time to Refinish my Wood Front Door?

Front Door RefinishingYou’ve lived with your front door since your purchased your home, but is starting to show wear and tear? Buying a new front door may seem like the easiest solution, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. Your front door is likely original to your home and may have sentimental and historical value. Refinishing your wood front door will save you money, preserve the historical integrity of your home, and save you time versus ordering and replacing the door.

Depending on how old your door is, a wood front door refinishing company can help you decide whether to refinish or replace it. Refinishing is often the less expensive option, but replacing may make sense if your door is too old or too damaged to refinish efficiently. Trust the experts to refinish a front door, especially if the door is on the older side.

How Does Refinishing My Front Door Work?

If you do choose to refinish your front door, it can be performed either directly at your home, or at a furniture refinishing studio. Refinishing a wood front door is a quick and painless process, so you’ll likely have your door back and looking amazing relatively quickly. You may have your front door back in as little as several days, compared to waiting a few weeks for a new door to be shipped in to match your frame.

To refinish a front door, your vendor will first need to remove the door hardware and sand out the flats. Next, they’ll scrape out the moldings and clear away any dust. Then, they will seal away the edges and apply the finish or paint of your choice. After all these steps, you’ll hardly be able to recognize your door.

When your front door is refinished, you’ll love the results. Keeping and refinishing your existing door enhances the charm of your home and maintains the originality of your architecture.

Talk with Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration today to determine if you should refinish your wood front door. Call us to learn more about front door refinishing services and our other furniture service options. We’ll help you welcome your family and guests into your home in style with a refinished door.