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The Hottest Upholstery Fabric Trends of 2017

Upholstery Fabric TrendsAre you trying to choose a new fabric for some reupholstering? With what seem like endless options out there, it can be seemingly impossible to decide which to use to cover your sofa or chair. Sifting through upholstery trends at a furniture store or a repair shop can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve gathered the most popular patterns and textures you’ll see in 2017. Whether you want to reupholster a couch, need some new pillows, or need to repair your outdoor furniture, there’s an upholstery fabric trend for every piece.

Check out the most beautiful fabric options to inspire your next project. You’ll love our selections, and 2017’s hottest upholstery fabric trends are sure to give you the inspiration you need to make it through the fabric books before reupholstering your furniture.

Beautiful Stripes Galore

Unlike your usual stripes, these sophisticated stripes bring life and exuberance into your upholstered chairs, sofa, or even outdoor furniture. Try stripes in bright and dark blues, shades or red and pink, or mix and match with neutrals. This upholstery trend allows you to be bold and different with your stripes—don’t settle for the ordinary.

Contemporary Moiré

Are you looking for some texture in your upholstery fabric? The Moiré trend may remind you of your grandmother’s house, but it doesn’t have to be old-fashioned. Modern applications of this silk fabric give you a delightful rippled texture that’s fresh and fabulous. Try it in bright yellow or rich dark greens and reds for a one-of-a-kind furniture piece you’ll love.

Geometric and Bauhaus Prints

Geometry is in for 2017, showing up on upholstery fabrics full of blocky and bold patterns that are complementary to a classic design. Whether you like your patterns to incorporate color, or you prefer neutrals or black and white, they’re all in this year. Just make sure to tone down any powerful prints with solids and neutrals to not overpower a space.

Various Shades of Pink

Maybe you thought pink was only for little girls’ rooms: well, not anymore. It might be the most common choice, but everything from light pink to magenta is a hot upholstery fabric trend for 2017. Consider choosing pink in a pattern for an accent chair you’re reupholstering or for a couch. There are so many delightful pink fabric options; it doesn’t make sense to count them out because you think they’re too precious.

All the Green

From emerald to lawn green, green is a making a comeback in the home. The design world is loving emerald green couches, so consider reupholstering yours with this hot upholstery trend. If that much green is overwhelming to you, consider an accent chair, pillows, or other accents. Whether living, dining room or even bedroom, green is a hue that works everywhere in your house.

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