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Should I Repair or Replace Smoke Damaged Kitchen Cabinets?

Smoke Damaged CabinetsIf you’ve been the victim of a home fire, your smoke damaged kitchen cabinets might not be the first thing on your mind after you’re safe and sound. However, even a small kitchen fire can cause a significant amount of smoke damage to your kitchen cabinets. After you’ve sorted everything out, should you repair and reface your cabinets, or just replace them? With the help of a professional furniture restoration company, you’ll be able to determine the best course of action and bring your kitchen back to a functional state.

What Can I Expect the Damage to Be Like?

Depending on how serious the fire was, the smoke damage to your kitchen cabinets can be slight or more severe. If there isn’t any structural damage, refacing the cabinets is often the most economical option. A professional restorer will be able to remove the cabinet exterior doors, remove the finish damaged by smoke, make any necessary repairs, and refinish and repaint them. The same can be done for the frame and any other lightly smoke-damaged kitchen cabinet pieces.

If the smoke has permeated the cabinets significantly, it may be quite expensive and unrealistic to repair and refinish the cabinets. In these cases, replacing the cabinets is the more cost-effective solution. You’ll need a professional crew to remove your smoke-damaged kitchen cabinets and ensure your kitchen is ready for new cabinets to be installed.

When dealing with antique or specialty cabinets, it’s especially important to have an expert come in and evaluate the situation. Older wooden finishes and types of wood may be more difficult to repair but are often worth salvaging. Smoke damage doesn’t have to mean the end of your kitchen, so make sure to contact a reputable furniture restoration company for help.

Finding the Right Restoration Company

Getting back into the normal pace of life is your priority after a fire, but choosing a quality furniture restoration company is vital when repairing your smoke damaged kitchen cabinets. Interview several service providers and choose the one best for your needs. Ask your friends for recommendations and talk to the team at Aaron's Touch Up for expertise and experience dealing with smoke damage. You’ll be able to get back to normal cooking and eating in your kitchen sooner than you think.