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Furniture Upholstery

Our Favorite Fabrics This Season

The holidays are fast approaching! We encourage you to bring in your projects as soon as you can in order to complete them in time for the festivities. We are prepared to fix those tables with wobbly legs or refinish the top of the big dining table that gets so much every year. Our schedule…

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What’s the Best Fabric for Outdoor Furniture Cushions?

Having an outdoor space to entertain family and friends is an enjoyable way to gather and share memories. When choosing an outdoor furniture set, most buyers look for fabrics that will have great appeal while withstanding the elements. Even if your patio furniture is under an awning or another type of covering, in most cases…

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What’s My Sofa Stuffed With?

Whether you’re buying a new sofa or considering reupholstering an existing couch, sofa cushion stuffing is a complex topic that seems like an enigma wrapped in mystery. When you go to a furniture store, you’ll see countless sofa cushion filling options of differing foam densities, some wrapped in down/feather mixes, some wrapped in dacron or…

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A History of Furniture Upholstery

Today, we interact with so much upholstered furniture, it’s difficult to imagine home life without it. Upholstered couches, armchairs, and beds help you relax at home after a long day at work. While textiles have been around for centuries, modern upholstery is a relatively new invention. It wasn’t until the 17th century that the Upholsterer’s…

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How to Fix Pet Odor & Damage on Furniture

Pets are an important part of the family, but like babies, they can make a mess, destroying furniture with their teeth and claws. Puppies and kittens often don’t know better and may vomit or relieve themselves on your furniture, causing untold damage to your beloved pieces. But no matter what Fido or Kitty do to…

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The Hottest Upholstery Fabric Trends of 2017

Are you trying to choose a new fabric for some reupholstering? With what seem like endless options out there, it can be seemingly impossible to decide which to use to cover your sofa or chair. Sifting through upholstery trends at a furniture store or a repair shop can be confusing and overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve gathered…

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Is Reupholstering Worth the Cost?

Are you debating between replacing or reupholstering furniture in your home? If you’re furnishing a new space, or just considering a new piece of upholstered furniture, it’s worth considering the costs and benefits of reupholstering first. You may have an older piece of furniture you bought 15-20 years ago or an antique that’s been in…

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How to Choose the Perfect Upholstery Fabric

You’ve decided to buy upholstered furniture, or you’re reupholstering a favorite piece, but you’re not sure how to choose the upholstery fabric that would be perfect for your item? While color is inevitably the thing you first think of when choosing upholstery fabric, there are many other factors to consider. At Aaron’s Touch Up, we…

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