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What’s My Sofa Stuffed With?

Sofa Cushion StuffingWhether you’re buying a new sofa or considering reupholstering an existing couch, sofa cushion stuffing is a complex topic that seems like an enigma wrapped in mystery. When you go to a furniture store, you’ll see countless sofa cushion filling options of differing foam densities, some wrapped in down/feather mixes, some wrapped in dacron or other materials.

If you’re investing in a sofa that you want to last for many years, knowing what you’re buying is important. And if you’re reupholstering a long-loved family heirloom, you’ll want cushions that will work best for your lifestyle. Here are the best sofa stuffing materials you’ll find in the marketplace:


You’ll find foam in sofa cushions from bargain basement products all the way to premium brands. The difference is the density. High-density foam provides a firmer couch cushion stuffing but may be too much for some people. A lower density foam can be soft and comfortable but will degrade more quickly. You’ll also find some sofas with memory foam. The best kind of foam is HR (high-resiliency), which is resistant to wear and sagging, allowing it to last for over a decade in many circumstances.

Feathers and Down 

Often considered the luxury experience in pillow and sofa stuffing material, feather- and down-filled cushions provide a soft seat. You’ll usually find a mixture of feather and down in a cushion or pillow, though feather- or down- only options are available. Feather and down wrappings are also a becoming popular way to make foam more comfortable. A cushion will have a foam core with outer layers of down and feathers for comfort.

Spring with Down and Foam 

You’ll find some cushions available with a core of coiled springs, much like a mattress. It contains down plush and a thin foam core, and is wrapped in polyester. While a more expensive option, this sofa cushion filling option feels very pillow-like and is quite supportive.

Choose the Sofa Cushion Stuffing Right for Your Lifestyle and Budget 

Sofa prices can range from under $500 to well over $3000 depending on the customization options and cushion feelings, as well as frame construction. Make sure to feel the various options in store and discover what works best for your living room. If you’re getting your couch reupholstered, work with a reputable reupholstery expert to find the right kind of stuffing for your couch.