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Kitchen Cabinets: Refinish or Replace?

refinish or replace cabinets   If your cabinets or kitchen need an overhaul, you may be asking yourself if you should refinish or replace your kitchen cabinets altogether. Whether you’re doing a complete kitchen makeover or want to inject life into your old cabinets, cabinet refinishing and refacing can be a less expensive way to change up your look. Cost may be a factor when deciding whether to refinish or replace kitchen cabinets. New cabinets can cost tens of thousands of dollars and can take up to 50% of a kitchen remodel’s budget. If your current cabinet layout is functional and your cabinets are high-quality wood, refinishing, refacing, and replacing the hardware can be cost-effective and stylish. You can save up to 50% of the cost of replacing the cost of cabinets by refinishing them.

Refacing Versus Replacing Kitchen Cabinets

There are still situations when refacing isn’t the right option. If your kitchen cabinets aren’t high-quality wood, we may recommend replacing the cabinets over refinishing them. If they’re too worn to refinish and reface, it may make sense to spend your money on a new, high-quality solution. You’ll have the opportunity to optimize the layout of your space as well. There are other considerations when deciding whether to refinish or replace cabinets. If your current kitchen layout just doesn’t function for you, you may want to consider adding additional cabinets or replacing them entirely. Anytime you need a major redesign or layout change for your kitchen, replacing your kitchen may make more sense. If you can, meet with a designer to determine what’s the best direction for your kitchen. It’s possible that replacing some cabinets and refinishing and refacing others may be the best option for you. Contact us at Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration today for a free estimate and consultation on cabinet refinishing and refacing. You can save up to 50% refacing versus replacing your kitchen cabinets while still getting the modern look you love. Our team can help you figure out what the best option for your kitchen project is and make your cabinet dreams come true.

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