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Furniture Refinishing

A Guide to Caring for Your Antique Furniture

If you own antique furniture, you know your pieces need more attention and care than your average furniture. The best way to care for your antique furniture and ensure that it stays safe is through planned preservation. By caring for your antique wood furniture before problems arise, you’ll save on refinishing and repair costs and…

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How to Identify Antique Furniture

You’ve just uncovered some furniture from the attic or been gifted some pieces from a relative’s will. Maybe you’ve even picked up a beautiful wood table or set of chairs from a yard sale or flea market. How can you identify an antique piece of furniture to find out if it is a treasure or…

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How to Refurbish Your Furniture for the Holidays

With the fall and winter holidays coming up fast, you’re probably thinking about how to refurbish your furniture before your family comes into town. Instead of buying new pieces for your home, you can save by refurbishing furniture and making it look new. Brighten up the most-used pieces in your home, like your dining table,…

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How to Fix Pet Odor & Damage on Furniture

Pets are an important part of the family, but like babies, they can make a mess, destroying furniture with their teeth and claws. Puppies and kittens often don’t know better and may vomit or relieve themselves on your furniture, causing untold damage to your beloved pieces. But no matter what Fido or Kitty do to…

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Tips for Cleaning Wood Furniture

Whether you just bought some brand-new wooden furniture or you have antiques that have been in your family for generations, cleaning is essential to preserving wood furniture. There are countless diverse ways to finish wood, including painting, staining, varnishing, and even leaving it unsealed. While different types and finishes of wood require specific ways of…

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Is it Time to Refinish my Wood Front Door?

You’ve lived with your front door since your purchased your home, but is starting to show wear and tear? Buying a new front door may seem like the easiest solution, but it can be expensive and time-consuming. Your front door is likely original to your home and may have sentimental and historical value. Refinishing your…

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The Cost of Refinishing Furniture: Are Your Pieces Worth It?

Do you have some wood furniture that needs a fresh look? Maybe you picked up a new piece from a flea market or a garage sale or dug up a family heirloom from the attic, and you aren’t sure whether you should refinish your antique (or not-so-antique) furniture or not. Refinishing can transform a piece…

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