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Restoring a Front Door’s Original Beauty

The front entryway, of course, is where you welcome friends and family into your home—you’ll make an excellent first impression with a beautiful front door that complements your house’s exterior. If you want to give your entryway a makeover, rely on our skilled craftsmen to make your front doors look like new again while still preserving their original charm.

Front Door Refinishing and Painting

Giving your front door a makeover is a lot of work: You must prep the door by removing all fittings, chip away loose paint, and sand down any rough spots. Next, you have to apply the appropriate primers, paints, or finishes, which often requires multiple coats and more sanding between them.

It takes skill to refinish and paint a door well. If you don’t know how to refinish a door properly, we recommend handing the job over our professionals. Instead of doing all the prepping and priming yourself, our talented craftsmen will handle every step or you. We work diligently to achieve just the look you’re looking for.

Types of Doors We Restore

Custom Crafted
Craftsman-style doors are warm and welcoming, and they typically have detailed engravings unique to each door. Work with our team to preserve your front door’s antique or rustic look without getting rid of the intricate details that make it one of a kind.

Traditional Arched Entry Doors
Perhaps you want to revitalize an arched entryway? We can help! We work with your door’s portico to restore the exterior millwork as well as the door itself. Your entryway will stand out from others in the neighborhood with its polished portico and doors.

Natural and Solid Wood Doors
Your door doesn’t have to be extravagant to be beautiful. We can strip and restain your wooden front door to make it a better complement to your home’s wooden exterior and natural landscaping.

Doors for Commercial Businesses
Our door repair and restoration services are not limited to residential properties. If the entryway to your office or business is looking a little worn, we can restore your doors to give them a professional appearance.

Aaron’s Touch Up Services

Our specialized door refinishing process ensures that every door looks great and stays in good working condition. After repairing any damages to the door (filling holes, removing dents, etc.), we will sand and prep it before carefully applying the finish or paint of your choice. We also specialize in antique door restoration, maintaining the emphasis of beautiful craftsmanship of older styles of architecture.

Contact Aaron’s Touch Up Today

We have provided top-notch door restoration services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for over a decade, and we pride ourselves on our excellent work. If you are in need of home or commercial door repair, feel free to set up a consultation or visit our Dallas studio. Contact us today to learn how our craftsmen can repair your doors and restore their original beauty.