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Meet the Management!

Meet Rachel and Braxton!  They are the people behind the phone calls and emails.  They work very hard in our front office and communicate your needs to us!

Rachel – Office Manager

Rachel was referred to us from a local contractor and joined in 2015.  Now, she is our steady office manager with sass and spunk.  She also happens to be a new mother of a beautiful baby boy!  Her favorite part of our work is both the customers and seeing the transformations of each piece.  However, she really hates the smell of lacquer, which is unfortunate because we use pre-cat lacquer all the time, on the majority of our finishing, unless the piece requires a different finish.  She helps you out over the phone and keeps our team in order and on task – we really can’t live without her.  With design questions and color opinions, she also has a great and experienced eye to help you.

Braxton – Project Manager

Braxton joined the Aaron’s team in 2013, first working on the delivery crew.  He began to get more involved and moved into our project manager role.  He loves bringing family heirlooms back to life.  Got a broken cabinet that you’ve had forever, can’t throw away, and want to turn it into something useful like a vanity?  Braxton loves that transformation process.  His least favorite part of work is the Texas heat, as we do not have an air conditioned shop.  It can make summer work days pretty brutal.   His pet peeve is broken hardware because metal work is really out of our expertise.  But out-of-the-box problem solving is a definite forte of his.  He is more than willing to help you figure out what is best for your furniture!


At Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration, we’re proud to be one of the most skilled and passionate furniture refinishing providers in the nation. Contact us today and let us turn your beautiful but worn furniture into contemporary treasures.