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How to Clean and Care for Wicker Furniture

Wicker Furniture CareWicker furniture has been a popular choice for indoor and outdoor use for centuries and is still a fantastic look today. Used on a porch, patio, or deck, its colonial stylings are always in fashion. Wicker is a natural product, usually weaved with reeds or plant fibers, with the material suiting its seating environment.

Whether you place this furniture in your living room or backyard, wicker care is easy. Cleaning wicker furniture is a fairly simple process, especially when you live a temperate climate. If you’ve been wondering how to care for your wicker furniture, we’ve put together a guide foryou.

Cleaning Wicker Furniture

If your wicker furniture has any cushions, remove those first and wash them according to manufacturer instructions. You should regularly dust wicker with a cloth or duster. For more in-depth dusting, utilize a petite paintbrush or a soft toothbrush to reach into all the small weaves.

You can clean indoor or outdoor wicker by using the low setting of the brush attachment on your vacuum, ensuring you don’t cause any damage. For an exhaustive cleaning annually, wet a cloth with warm water and softly scrub the wicker surface down.

If you have any stains on your wicker furniture, you can use a combination of water and soap. Eliminate mold and mildew with a solution of 25% vinegar, 75% water. By regularly cleaning throughout the year, wicker furniture can last you a lifetime or more.

Wicker Maintenance

Now that we’ve taken care of how to clean indoor and outdoor wicker furniture, how do you maintain it? Wicker made for outdoor use can stay outside most of the time, but extreme weather and humidity can damage it. It can become stiff in extreme cold, elastic in heat, and humidity can make the material sag and mildew.

In these extreme conditions, you can cover your outdoor wicker furniture or move it to a temperature-controlled environment. Protecting your wicker will extend its life, even in a harsh climate. Over time, your wicker furniture’s weave can shift or fall out of place. Part of wicker care is inspecting the weave over time and adjusting it when necessary.

If your wicker furniture gets damaged, take it to a wicker repair expert right away for fixing – preventing further damage by taking action will help preserve the long-term health of your pieces.

By taking a few steps to clean and maintain your wicker furniture, you can extend its life for many additional years of comfort and enjoyment. For indoor or outdoor wicker furniture, regular cleaning and care can help you pass pieces down to future generations.

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