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Furniture Damage: 3 Ways it Happens and How to Fix It

Damaged FurnitureFurniture Damage Happens All the Time

No matter how hard you try to keep your living and dining room furniture pristine and damage-free, it’s almost impossible to avoid scratches, tears, and water stains. Furniture damage can come from many sources: your pet chews some wood or has an accident, your kids are overenthusiastic with crayons, or your favorite pieces suffer from water or smoke damage. Even spill-and-tear-resistant upholstery like leather and microfiber can still be damaged in certain situations.

The same is true for wood furniture damage; even using coasters, glass covers, and furniture polish may not protect your pieces from scratches, water rings, or stains. Accepting furniture damage is part of life, but fortunately, there are ways to fix it. We’ve gathered a list of common causes of damaged furniture and how you can repair them—and avoid them in the future.

Pet Damage

Whether you have dogs or cats, pet ownership is a frequent cause of furniture damage. From stains to scratch marks, even odors left from vomit or accidents, it can be serious business. If any repairs are needed, contact a furniture restoration studio for help. Meanwhile, work with a professional animal trainer so your pets know to respect your furniture and home, and you can avoid pet damage.

Water and Smoke Damage

If you’re the victim of a fire or flood, many of your furniture pieces may still be salvageable. You can work with your insurance company and a local furniture repair shop to perform structural furniture damage repair, even onsite in your home. After the smoke or water has been removed, and wood stain has been reintroduced, your furniture can look new again. Water and smoke damage are usually the result of an unavoidable accident and tragedy, but to minimize your risk, always take safety precautions when leaving your home unattended.

Moving Damage

When traveling for a move, your furniture can become damaged, dented, or scratched in transit. If the proper precautions aren’t taken by you and your movers, wood can get gouged, your upholstery can rip, and glass can shatter. Use bubble wrap, cardboard sheets, and sofa and mattress covers to protect your most valuable items. If furniture items do get damaged in your move, get in touch with your local furniture repair shop to see about repair options.

Where Can I Repair My Damaged Furniture?

If you have damaged furniture pieces and are in the DFW area, bring them to Aaron’s Touch Up & Restoration or get in touch with us to have us come fix them in your home. For more than a decade, Aaron’s Touch Up has been advising customers on damaged furniture and how best to repair it. Give us a call to get more information about how we can fix your furniture today.