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3 Ways to Redesign Your Chairs

Chair MakeoverDo you have living or dining room chairs that have seen better days? There are several chair makeover techniques that can revive your chairs and create something new. Read on for some chair makeover ideas that can freshen up your living and dining rooms.


Perhaps the easiest way to give your chairs a makeover is by reupholstering them. Whether the pieces are family heirlooms passed down generations or pieces, you’ve had for twenty years, reupholstering can help preserve and restore your chairs. The quality of the wood and construction of older pieces is often much better than newer mass-produced pieces.

Giving kitchen chairs or armchairs a makeover with reupholstery means choosing the right fabric. At Aaron’s Touch Up, we work with Greenhouse Fabrics to offer high-quality, durable fabrics for reupholstering your chairs. You can bring you chairs into the 21st century with a modern and bold fabric choice.

Repair and Refinish

A key part of redesigning your chairs is making sure they’re not damaged. At Aaron’s Touch Up, we inspect and repair the internal construction of your chairs to help preserve them for many years. We can fix springs and webbing that may be damaged, as well as repair any damage to the wood. If you’re interested in keeping your fine furniture for the long haul, taking them to a furniture service shop like Aaron’s Touch Up is essential.

You can create a complete chair makeover by changing the colors or finishes of your pieces. If you’re tired of the look of your furniture, browse through finishes online or at our workshop and get inspired!

Transform Your Home 

With newly upholstered and repaired chairs for your living and dining rooms, you can transform your home. Working with the masterful furniture reupholstery experts like the ones at Aaron’s Touch Up lets you hold onto your favorite chairs with makeovers that help them to fit your home’s aesthetic.

By looking into chair redesign options instead of buying new ones, you’re also helping to save the environment, and you have more control over the process. You get to choose the fabric, the wood stain, and the level of cushioning in the chair. If you are interested in giving your chairs a makeover, get in touch with Aaron’s Touch Up today for guidance and a free estimate.