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Antique Furniture Restoration

Some of Our Favorite Antique Furniture Designers

While the United States boasts far fewer antique pieces than older countries around the world, one can still find a selection of collectible and vintage furniture in homes and shops across the country. Once restored to their former glory, antique pieces give us a unique glimpse into the craftsmen of America’s past. Early American furniture…

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The History & Legacy of Arts and Crafts Style Furniture

Movements in furniture construction and designed evolve through artistic interpretations and reflect the conditions of the periods in which they were conceived. Arts and Crafts style furniture, accordingly, arose in history from the immediately tangible effects of industrialization on construction. The style developed in mid-19th century Britain in answer to what a school of furniture…

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A Guide to Furniture Foot Styles

When trying to identify a piece of antique furniture, you may begin  with the foot. There are over a dozen common furniture foot styles that can help you determine the approximate age and style of a chair, dining table, or chest. When you know the different types of furniture feet and their relation to different…

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